WISSH is a group of researchers with interests in sickle cell and thalassemia that cover the span of the social sciences.  There are several WISSH investigators that are conducting research examining the social, biological, behavioral, and psychological factors that may influence the lives of those living with a hemoglobinopathy. For instance, there is some research to suggest that stress has a negative impact on the health outcomes of those living with sickle cell disease. In fact higher stress levels may be contributing to increase healthcare utilization. Further there is also research that suggests that poor environmental factors, such as low social economic status, can also contribute to unfavorable outcomes in sickle cell. This type of research, examining the social and behavioral factors, that may impact disease outcomes in sickle cell, is still in its infancy. There is a need to have more research examining these types of factors that contribute to, not only physical disease but also psychological disease, in this patient population.